• Update on Corona Virus

  • Sign up for the Carers Emergency Alert Card today. This FREE scheme helps identify you as a family or friend carer so the person you care for can be supported if you have an accident or are taken ill.
  • Waste Recycling Sites - We have developed a plan, subject to further government guidance, to safely reopen Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs) next week (week commencing 11 May). The date will be confirmed later this week when further guidance on managing the reopening of sites will be released by central government.
  • Supporting family and friends - People are playing their part and providing essential support to their friends and family who are in isolation, to find out how to help others safely
https://www.facebook.com/105224117606609/posts/172739420855078/?substory_index=0?sfnsn=scwspmo&extid=JW8oaw01fTyhdHz1Domestic Abuse - Practical Planning Steps to reduce the risk https://www.facebook.com/105224117606609/posts/174409737354713/?sfnsn=scwspmo&extid=HnoJhtV6VDmMHxd6
8th April- Any vulnerable residents who need help with shopping, prescriptions or need a chat to prevent feeling isolated should call the following numbers:
HDC hub 01403 215581,
Cllr Davies on 01293 852898 
The Clerk-
Useful contact if you have any concerns or are feeling vulnerable during the Corona outbreak. 
HDC hub 01403 215581,
Cllr Davies on 01293 852898 
The Clerk-
Useful contact if you have any concerns or are feeling vulnerable during the Corona outbreak. 
25th March -Colgate PC implemented a Emergency Plan. details under documents.

*23rd March-All meeting cancelled until further notice.
24th March-Can you help as a volunteer  during this unprecedented crisis. We are working with HDC in identifying vulnerable peoplein the Parish (Colgate ,Faygate and Kilnwood Vale) and need volunteers to call and speak to the isolated and deliver food and medicine. If you are able to help and are not in an at risk group yourself please contact the clerk on clerk@colgatefaygate.com
Any help will be appreciated .Thank you 




The road, Stillwell Way, was officially opened on 18th January by Cllr Marley,Chair of Colgate PC and Lisa Smith, daughter of the late Cllr David Stillwell. The Stillwell name will live on to celebrate  David's commitment to Colgate Parish 

 Photo showing the opening of Stilwell Way


Privacy Statement 

MapPlease click on the image above for a larger version


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  Council meeting have had approval to be run via video link. If you want to join any of the council meetings please contact the clerk on clerk@colgatefaygate.com no later than the morning of the meeting.

Next meeting -Planning Meeting - after Full Council -Remote Teams Microsoft

Full Council meeting 12th Oct. 6pm-Remote

Planning meeting 7th Oct 6pm remote 


Check out the Community page for local information.


Please be a responsible dog owner and clear you dog mess away by either flicking into the bushes or picking it up and taking it home. Blackhouse Road, outside the school is an area of concern at the moment and Horsham District Council have been notified and have stated that they will be patrolling the area on an ad hoc basis. Owners leaving dog mess in public places can be fined up to £50 for non compliance.


 Bonfires -with Autumn fast approaching here is some advice from HDC-


It has always been the advice of Horsham District Council that uncontrolled (open) burning should not take place. This predates the current situation, and will continue to be so.


Having a bonfire is not prohibited, but it is controlled. There are good health based reasons why any materials, whether garden waste or not, should not be burnt even in largely rural areas, because of its contribution to diffuse air pollution. However, having a bonfire is not a statutory nuisance in itself; the nuisance is the emission (or likely emission) of smoke from a fire and how this affects another person’s enjoyment of their property.

Neither the number of nor absence of complaints, nor the distance from neighbours is relevant to the judgement of nuisance but may become relevant if proceedings were to follow. For cases where the fire has not yet been lit, there will be no complaints of smoke. However officers can still act if they are satisfied the scale and/or nature of materials to be burnt are likely to cause nuisance.

Garden waste, paper, or any other waste should not be burned, under any circumstances. Everyone should be mindful of their neighbours and fellow community members. The smoke and smells from bonfires can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis and affect those with heart complaints and this is particularly an issue given that Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system.

The disposal of waste or other materials by burning is not the only way in which such items can be disposed of and these options should be exhausted before burning is considered. Garden waste can be composted or put into a garden waste bin for collection, alternatively keep it in a safe place until it can be taken to the tip or have it collected by a collection service. The Horsham District Council website and social media are updated regularly with kerbside collection information and general waste can continue to be put into the refuse bin.


Colgate Parish Grant 20/21
Do you need a grant to help fund a project in the Parish?Are you a charity or a not for profit organisation. For more information check out the terms and conditions on the document tab above.

Congratulation to Age UK, St Catherine and Marie Curie for being successful in securing a grant from Colgate Parish Council.

Colgate School were also awarded a grant for installing gazebos to provide addition space for help with managing Covid 19 and the social distancing regulations 

The Scout group were also awarded a grant for  alterations to their site in Tower Road.


The grit bins have been replenished by WSCC. The grit is to be used by all residents to ensure paths and roads are safer during icy or snowy weather. Residents use the grit at their own risk. Please don't forget gloves and a shovel when using the grit.  

Fly tipping
Fly tipping in the parish is becoming a real problem. If you notice anyone fly
tipping please try and get a registration number so we can pass the
information onto the police and HDC.
Any report of fly tipping can be made directly to HDC on this
link. https://www.horsham.gov.uk/bins/reportit/fly-tipping-and-fly-posting

 Don’t forget the councils website on www.colgatefaygate.com and please join the Face book page

which can be accessed under group, Colgate Parish Council.


Sussex Police- How to stay in touch 


If you spot a problem on the highway be it a banner out of place or a pothole you can report it on the LOVE WEST SUSSEX.gov.uk site. 


New mapping tool for residents to use.Follow this link for more information Parish On line Mapping.


All About The Parish

All About The Parish

The Colgate Parish is sited approximately half way between the major towns of Horsham and Crawley. The Parish comes under Horsham District Council control. The Colgate part of the Parish is sited on the Southern side of the A264 and Faygate is on the Northern side.

The Parish has approximately 1000 residents, this will increase when the Kilnwood Vale and Durrants Village developments are completed.

Colgate Parish Council comment on planning applications and discuss local issues and act upon concerns of the community such as speeding and highway issues.The Parish Council do not make decisions on education.

Meetings of the Parish Council are held on the second Monday monthly each year (except August or December), alternating between Colgate School and Faygate Village Hall/Durrants Village for venues. Please see the meeting tab for more information.
Residents are welcome to attend any of these meetings and have the opportunity to raise issues during the agenda point when the public are allowed to raise issues.It is only during this time that the meeting is open for public comment. Once the public have raised an issue the public forum time is closed and members of the public are no longer able to speak during the meeting.Members of the public can ask for agenda items to be added to the agenda via the Clerk or the Chair. There is also a Annual Parish Meeting (review of the year) held in March and a Annual Council Meeting (election of the Chair) held in May.

Planning meetings are held on an as required basis, please refer to Notice Boards for details. 

The noticeboards are located in Blackhouse Road,Colgate by the village hall, in Faygate Lane by the mini roundabout and in the park in Kilnwood Vale by the metal arch.

There are three pubs, a railway station and a school located within the Parish as well as Buchan Park which belongs to West Sussex County Council. St Saviour’s Church can be located on Forest Road in Colgate.