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Do you want to advertise a local event on the Colgate noticeboard? If so please provided a hard copy of the poster, pop it into an envelope and post it to 2 The Winches,Blackhouse Road,Colgate.

DefibrillatorDefibrillators are fully functional now.

The Council are pleased to announce that Automated External Defibrillator (AED) have been installed in Colgate (outside the village hall) and Faygate (outside the garage on Faygate Lane).A huge thank you to the Sussex Heart Charity ( who donated the AEDs.The Sussex Heart Charity was formed in 1987 to support care of the heart throughout Sussex and work hard to raise the awareness of the effectiveness of the use of the AED and the improvement of survival of hear attack victims if a ADE is used in early treatment. In fact Survival rates are as high as 70% when defibrillation pads are applied within 3 – 5 minutes of collapse.

The council will be taking responsibility to ensure the units are in good working order but should you have any concerns please report them immediately to the clerk.